The Ranch

The latest update is that I have sold all the meat goats and am reduced to 2 milk goats! That is infinitely easier than dealing with up to 250 hungry goats, pasturage, hoof trimming and regular maintenance! I am making goat cheeses! I am starting to put recipes on Amazon Kindle and my first recipe is How to Make Simple Soft Cheese – Making and Flavoring Fresh Chevre That is Better Than Store Bought. The recipes I will post will sell for only 99 cents! 

I also am going to put some of the best loved recipes I developed for the farmers markets, so watch for them! Those will be posted seasonally, the same as I did for the markets. So when you are seeing bushels of gorgeous green beans, you will have several ideas on how to use them, like Fresh Crisp Pickled Beans and Green Beans With Sesame Seeds. My Fresh Corn Enchiladas were praised by Steve Muni on his Hometown Radio Show! And you will be able to get the special recipe!