UPDATE: I have sold all my meat goats and have only 2 milk does. I am making cheese and will be posting recipes for making cheese and cooking with it on Amazon Kindle. The recipes (and other recipes for seasonal fruits and veggies) will only be 99 cents!

We got our first goats in 1995. In about 2000 we bought our first full blood Boer buck and were extremely impressed with the improvement he made to our meat herd. Since then we have raised goats that we sell for breeding, showing and meat. Our stock has produced some Champions and winners of all kinds in the show ring. One of our boys, Always Enough Jack of Hearts was shown only 5 times and is a 5 time Champion. Jack was purchased by Don Smith, who took him to Texas, bred him to some of his does then sold him to Little League Ranch.

I gave a Goat Husbandry class sponsored by UC Davis Extension last year (2011). I have received phone calls from all over the country including Florida, Pennsylvana, Texas and many other states, to help out with sick goats.  While I do not know everything there is to know, I almost always feel I can be helpful.

We specialize in colored Boer goats – we like reds, paints and blacks. Although we do have traditional goats too, we think the added color is more fun to look at in the pasture.

Most of our goats are Boers for meat, but we do have some milk does too – Alpine, LaMancha and Nubian Alpine cross. The milk goes for drinking and I make cheeses too. Chickens and dogs get the whey from the cheese that I do not use for soup or breadmaking and they really love it!