Our Dogs


I love my Anatolian pillow

We had a brush clearing contract with the National Resource Conservation Service in Lockeford, CA along the Mokelumne River using our goat herd. We had goats and electric fencing to contain them. We thought we were good to go…. Boy were we wrong! After loosing one third of our kid crop to local coyotes, we got our first Anatolian Shepherd. That was basically the end of our kid losses and the start of a delightful learning curve. Socks, the Anatolian, not only guarded the herd from predators, but we watched her babysit the kids and warn off potential predators, both 2 and 4 legged.  She was a huge eye opener for us. Since then we have gotten a breeding pair of Anatolians and made our own replacements and sold the extra puppies to go to guarding homes. Our old matriarch died last year at 16, but our male, Shadow, is going strong also at 16. We have two of their sons, Boboy and Viper plus added a young female , Hayya, from Mary Kellogg in Oklahoma last year. There is no way I can express our gratitude to these dogs who guard our herd day and night, plus love on us when we go to the pasture. The guardian dogs are like no other class of dogs. You can learn more about them at www.lgd.org

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